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Recipe: Ginger Punch Cocktail Low Carb Low Calorie Low Fat Diet

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A Salute to Gilligan's Island

My "Ginger" Punch... get it...
"Ginger and Mary Ann here on..." You might have to be a Baby Boomer to appreciate that one.

Anyway, you'll love it. It's great for both a low carb diet or if you're just watching your calories.

Ginger Punch Cocktail:  Low Carb Low Calorie High Seas

1/2 shot Gin (32 calories/zero carbs)

1/2 shot Vodka (32 calories/zero carbs)

1/2 shot Rum (32 calories/zero carbs)

4 shots (4 oz.) Diet Hansen's Ginger Ale (available at most Health Food Stores... zero carbs, zero calories, zero sugar, and zero aspartame!)

1/2 shot Lemon Ginger-Echinacea Juice by R.W. Knudsen. Same as above... all natural. (7.5 calories/1.75 carbs)

1/2 shot Kroger Light Apple Juice Cocktail (1.5 calories/.37 carbs)

1/2 shot Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice
(.3 calories/.12 carbs)

Use a large glass. Add lots of ice for hydration and there you have it. Happy New Year!

Grand Total:  Zero fat, 105.3 calories, and only 2.24 carbs! A true Low Carb Cocktail.

Drinking out? Compare this to P.F. Chang's fruit cocktail, the Mai Tai, coming in at a whopping 432.5 calories and approximately 62 carbs.

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

10 Tips for Boosting Energy for your Physical Fitness Work Out (and your LIFE!)

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Happy New Year Everyone!

So now it's after the holidays and we're feeling a little bloated, heavy, and slow. What we need is a plan for boosting our energy... so that we can get back on track with our health, weight and physical fitness goals.

My friend, Shawna Kaminski, author of Female Fat Loss Over 40 has some great ideas.

10 Tips for Boosting your Physical Energy

To help fight fatigue: (My additions are in red.)

1)     Drink lots of water. A dehydrated body functions less efficiently. Replace sodas with plain water.

2)     Reduce or limit caffeine. 1 or 2 caffeinated drinks per day like coffee, tea or cola can boost your energy and mental alertness, but more than 6 caffeinated drinks per day may make you anxious, irritable, and negatively affect your performance. Plus, your sleep may be disrupted.

3)     Eat breakfast. Food boosts your metabolism and gives your body energy to burn. Make sure to include protein to help prevent that mid-morning low blood sugar drop. Symptoms of over-carbing and not enough protein (symptoms of low blood sugar) are drowsiness and the inability to concentrate. A carb eaten alone actually has a narcotic effect.

4)     Don't skip meals. Going without food for too long allows blood sugar levels to dip. Try to eat regularly to maintain your energy levels throughout the day. You should never go longer than 6 hours between meals. To avoid low blood sugar symptoms your body needs an influx of nutrition at least every 4 hours. And don't eat more frequently than every 2.5 hours. This can also drag you down (got this advice from MMA Champ Jeremy Horn!).

5)     Don't crash diet. Low calorie diets or diets that severely restrict carbohydrates don't contain enough energy for your body's needs. The typical crash diet also deprives the body of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

6)     Don't overeat. Large meals can drain your energy. For a healthier diet, try eating 6 meals a day to maintain blood sugar levels and energy. Eating every 3 hours equals about 6 meals a day. Eating every 4 hours, about 5 meals a day.

7)     Get enough sleep. Adults need about 8 hours per night.

8)     Learn how to relax. A common cause of insomnia is fretting while lying in bed. Experiment with different relaxation techniques until you find one or two that work for you; for example, you could think of a restful scene, focus on your breathing, or silently repeat a mantra or phrase. 
       Sugar is something that people generally don't think of when it comes to insomnia. But, just like caffeine and aspartame, it can cause you to have that anxiety-provoking constant train of thought at bedtime.

9)     Increase physical activity. Exercise!! Physical activity boosts energy levels, while a sedentary lifestyle is known to cause fatigue. It's a law of physics! A body at rest tends to stay at rest. A body in motion tends to stay in motion. Don't let yourself become a victim of "The Couch Potato Syndrome"!

10)  Limit the time you sit down. Reduce sedentary behaviors such as watching television and using computers. Did you know that they now make laptop stands for your treadmill? I need one!

Read more about Shawna's weight loss program here:  

A little bit more of MY STORY:
When I first started back to taking more exercise classes than I was teaching, I found that my energy waxed and waned from class to class. My diet was pretty good. I was drinking plenty of water, eating enough protein, and getting enough rest. So what was missing?

But my diet WAS deficient! What was missing was that a few of my 5 to 6 meals a day were protein only. I never eat carbs alone as that is one of the worst things you can do to your body as far as your insulin balance is concerned. I was eating whole grains but I wasn't getting enough vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. So I started adding a serving of fruit or vegetable with each protein portion.

If I was in a hurry the fruit or vegetable became a 6 oz. can of V8 vegetable juice or a serving of a liquid vitamin mineral supplement (I hate taking pills! Especially those horse-sized pills they call vitamins.) I found the best quality and price for my liquid vitamins at Costco.

Well, what d'ya know. My energy level skyrocketed. My legs no longer felt heavy in my kickboxing class and I didn't just want to plop down on the couch when I got home.

Now, the only time I have trouble with physical energy is around the holidays when I eat a few too many potatoes (one of those evil White Foods you should avoid). What is a White Food? White foods are those high glycemic carbs that boost your insulin level, can cause insulin resistance, and lower your blood sugar so that you can't lose weight and are more prone to illness.

Those White Foods to avoid are: White potatoes, white rice, white flour anything - pastries, cookies, cake, pasta, and corn products. I do allow myself whole corn on the cobb with our summer BBQ's.

One's diet should contain GOOD carbs, which are fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, and whole grains. Some of these, like beans and nuts, contain both carbohydrates and protein. Good carbs supply the fiber, vitamins, and minerals we need for energy and clarity of mind.

If you do eat holiday stuffing, try to make it with 100% whole grain bread (lower on the glycemic index - how quickly the sugar enters your bloodstream) and add nuts (we enjoy pecans or walnuts), plus we add some chopped up turkey sausage for a little extra protein. A good balance of protein with your carbs lowers how quickly the carbs enter your bloodstream, resulting in less hunger, easier weight maintenance, and better health.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Legalizing Medical Marijuana to treat PTSD symptoms... in the Military?

Wild marijuana plant, TadapaniImage by Dey via FlickrLegalizing Medical Marijuana to treat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) symptoms in the military?
Army personnel form MMJ advisory board... Read the full article here:
Westword (blog)

Care of Twitter:

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Karate Hotties!! MMA Martial Arts Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Kung Fu Muay Thai Kickboxing

GUANGZHOU, CHINA - NOVEMBER 25:  Le Bich Phuon...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
A match between Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blackbelts...Image via Wikipedia
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blackbelts Gabriel Vella and Rominho
Welcome Today...
Moldova, Australia, Russia!!

So I look up Moldova and find this awesome young man,

who is on a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tour of the world!  

Check out his BJJ tour of the world here:

As you probably know by now, I am a martial arts "Fan-atic". I've been doing it since I was a kid and think it should be required education for all children, especially girls.

So here's a Tribute to a few of my Fave Martial Arts Femmes:

Go Chloe!

And... I can't believe I almost forgot Michelle Yeoh (Kung fu Queen!) Sorry, they wouldn't let me post the video. But here's the YouTube link:
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Abundance: Think Positive! Money is the Root of All LOVE!!

A Message of Abundance for the New Year: (Pardon the minor typo)

For more great videos like this, subscribe to "igetrealtv" on YouTube by clicking here:

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Xmas!

Here's a Holiday GIFT 4U (thanks to Neil Patrick Harris' Twitter):

Merry Xmas Everyone!

My Tweet: May every one of every faith (or none!) experience LOVE on this day.

Okay, I couldn't resist. Here's another one:

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And now I'm getting a bit carried away. But just in case you're a dog lover:

Happy Holidays Folks!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Sour Apple Martini Light a Diet Apple Martini Recipe

Yummy Green Apple Martini MemoriesImage by Merelymel13 via Flickr

A Healthier Cocktail

Sour Apple Martini Light

1.5 to 2 shots Smirnoff Sour Apple Vodka (103.5 cal/0 carbs)
1/4 oz (about a capful) Sour Apple Liqueur
4 shots Kroger Light Apple Juice Cocktail
Squeeze of Lime

Use a 16 oz. glass and add lots of ice. Kroger Light Apple Juice Cocktail has only 25 calories per 8 oz. Which means 12.5 calories for these 4 ounces. Smirnoff Apple flavor has 69 calories.

But if you'd like to save even more calories, just use Smirnoff regular. It has only 56. Remember, flavored liquor often has more calories and carbs than plain. See here:

Sour Apple Liqueur has 72 calories per one ounce shot! Wow. A regular martini requires a full ounce. But, here, with only 1/4 oz. we will reduce that to only 18 calories.

So there are 103.5 calories in 1.5 oz. Apple vodka; and 12.5 calories in four ounces of the light apple juice; and only 18 in the liqueur... for a whopping calorie total of 134. Compare that to the usual Apple Martini recipe of 2 oz. of vodka and 1 oz. Apple Liqueur for 210 total calories.

And for carb watchers, the juice has only 6 carbs per 8 oz. So 4 oz. = 3. Smirnoff Apple Vodka has zero and the liqueur (one ounce has 7.5 carbs), so at 1/4 oz. it comes to about 1.9. Total carbs then equal 4 + 0 + 1.9 = 5.9. Not bad for such a "sweet" sour drink.

And it's nummy! Give it a try.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Map of EarthImage via WikipediaBody Beauty Bliss is now being read in 10 countries around the globe! (In less than one month - Thank you!)

1. U.S.

2. U.K.

3. Canada

4. Italy

5. Malaysia

6. Denmark

7. Netherlands

And WELCOME this week... Philippines, Croatia, and Slovenia!

Happy Holidays to ALL! And thank you so much for your support.

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10 Things You SHOULD Buy at the Dollar Store

Tropical beachImage by cstrom via Flickr
Living Frugally

You wouldn't want to do all of your shopping there. But if saving a buck is important to you (and it should be) here are a few things where savings does not trump quality. In other words, what you find at the "regular" store that costs four or five times as much, isn't necessarily of higher quality.

1.  Packing Tape

2.  Hair Brush

3.  Window Cleaner

4.   Scissors

5.  Childrens Books/Coloring Books

6.  Kitchen Scrubbies

7.  Wrapping Paper, Ribbon, Bows, & Greeting Cards

8.  Tomato Sauce & Salsa

9.  Sensitive/Teeth Brightening Toothpaste

10.  Shampoo (But not for hair! A mega-size 64 oz. bottle of dollar store shampoo makes the best bubble bath.)

So, if you purchased all of these things listed at the dollar store, it would cost you about $15.00. Now compare that to a regular grocery store where you will be paying somewhere between $3.00 and $5.00 each. That's an average of $4.00 per item compared to only one - a 75% savings! So your fifteen dollars would turn into sixty.

If you multiply your $45.00 dollar savings by 12 months, that gives you $540.00 in a year's time! Now you can turn those savings into that vacation you've been saying you couldn't afford.

Let me show you where you can find a 7 day Cruise for around that price...

Did you know that the best prices on cruises are "Last Minute Deals"? Check it out here:

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How to Get Rich Quick - A Get Rich Scheme that actually WORKS!

How to Become Rich Immediately by Lorax2013

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Q & A: How to Lose Weight Fast

Beautiful girlImage by tibchris via FlickrQ:  I think I'm overweight for my age (13)  and I'd like to know what the quickest way to lose weight is... that is still healthy. I want my flat belly back!

A:  The first thing you need to do is cut down on refined sugar. Do you think about food all the time? Are you hungry all the time? Over-carbing and insufficient protein will cause a chemical imbalance that makes you crave food and over-eat.Which is probably why you have a weight issue.

Plus, there's that calorie thing. You have to make sure you're eating enough calories but not too much. A simplistic gauge is, if you want to weigh 130 (multiply it by 10) you shouldn't consume more than 1300 calories per day net. Net meaning if you exercise off 300 calories you can add those to the 1300. For example, 1600 consumed minus 300 exercise = 1300 net.

There are some great books about cutting down on sugar (It affects your health too - do you have trouble sleeping sometimes? That's one of the symptoms of too much refined sugar in the diet). One of these books is called the "The Sugar Addict's Diet". Go to the library or the book store and start reading about real nutrition (not fad diets). Also, start picking up every magazine you see about living a healthy lifestyle.

These magazines like Shape and Women's Fitness have little snippets of the latest good advice about eating and exercise... and over time you will become educated and more fit. Don't worry about overnight results. Once you're on the right track with exercise (find something you really like and WANT to do - I love cardio kickboxing!) and good nutrition, you'll feel more calm about your weight and your shape, and maybe even develop an "athletic" mindset. Were the Olympic athletes thin? No. But they were strong and healthy and certainly not insecure about their figures.

Your weight will no longer be an issue.

Now, if you had said you were 24 and your wedding was coming up, I would have a different answer for you. I would say go ahead and (just for 3 or 4 days leading up to the wedding) cut out all salt, all carbohydrates, and fluids... except for a sip of water when you're thirsty.

That would help you lose up to six pounds of water weight. But, of course, it's not something healthy that should be kept up for any period of time.

If you liked this post, you'll want to read this one too:

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